I missed you

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    Te he echado de menos...
    Por favor, sé mi marido dentro de 5 años (but I would rather use "cásate conmigo dentro de 5 años; which means "marry me in 5 years" 'cause the "sé mi marido dentro de 5 años" doesn't sound too well in Spanish although it is the literal translation).
    Te necesito
    Te deseo
    Te quiero (or "te amo" if he is Latin American)


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    Sorry, but we need more context. Where's the lucky chap from?

    "I missed you" in Español = te he extrañado (horrores*)

    please be my husband in 5 years = Por favor, quiero que seas mi esposo en cinco años. (what the hell? is that his first chance for parole? like I said, we'll all be dead in five years. So let me get this straight: suppose I'm your boyfriend, Sabrea, and I say to you: Dios mío, Dios mío, ¿cuándo serás mio? Then you're gonna say: en cinco años. Do you realize how this sounds?)

    i need you = te necesito

    i want you = te deseo, te quiero

    i love you = te amo

    *para dar énfasis, i.e. to "juice" it up a bit.

    [seems like there must be a full moon or something]


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    Sabrea said:
    how do you say "I missed you" in Espanol
    please be my husband in 5 years
    i need you
    i want you
    i love you

    I missed you: te eché de menos (if it's finished)


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    anac_81 said:
    ...Por favor, sé mi marido dentro de 5 años...

    Bofico dijo, "What the hell? Is that his first chance for parole?"

    Hay otra posibilidad:

    ¿Va a cumplir la edad legal para casarse dentro de cinco años?


    Otra manera de decir "I miss you": "Me haces falta."