I must have forgotten...


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Suppose I'm meeting a friend at a coffee shop to give him a book or something. When I arrive, I look in my bag and I notice that the book isn't there. I realize that I must have forgotten the book at home.

The dictionary gives me
כנראה-apparently, probably, likely, in all likelihood.

Would that be the best way to say it?
כנראה שכחתי את הספר בבית

Are there better ways to translate this? Perhaps a way that's more analogous to the I must have construction?

Thanks in advance.
  • GeriReshef

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    I would probably say כנראה שכחתי את הספר בבית as you suggested.
    The Hebrew grammar is absolutely different than the English one, so "I must have" cannot be translated as is. I guess the basic meaning of it is "surely" (in contrary to apparently, probably, likely), so I would say בוודאי שכחתי את הספר בבית or בטח שכחתי את הספר בבית.

    Ali Smith

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    כנראה is usually pronounced ka-nir'a, but this is wrong; it should be ka-nir'e, if I am not mistaken.