I mustn’t <go back on it>

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Here are some words from the novel Lady Chatterley's Lover(page 392, chapter 17) by DH Lawrence (planetebook,here):
(background: Connie received a letter from Clifford, saying Mellors' wife Bertha returned to his cottage and gossiped a lot. Then she was lost in the past when she was with Mellors..…)

And she felt his hand warmly and softly closing over her tail again, over her secret places, like a benediction. And the warmth ran through her womb, and the little flames flickered in her knees, and she said: Oh, no! I mustn’t go back on it! I must not go back on him.

I feel go back on=betray/go against/violate, but what does it refer to please? Another possibility is that go back on it means miss the chance?
Thank you in advance
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    You need to read the paragraph before
    He had released her warm, natural sexual flow.

    and the sentences that follow your extract.
    I had no warm, flamy life till he gave it me. And I won't go back on it.

    It = [her warm, natural sexual flow. + warm, flamy life [with Mellors]

    I mustn’t go back on it!= I must not reject my resolve to have a warm, natural sexual flow that is a result of my warm, flamy life with Mellors.


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    And do you mean resolution by resolve? No, I mean resolve. (A resolution, despite the WRF dictionary example, is different.)
    And does go back on mean reject? In this case, that is the meaning. She has already firmly decided to be with Mellors - that is her resolve. There is some pressure on her to reject Mellors and thus her resolve.
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