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Hey everyone!

I want to say "I need a ride back from/to Manhattan". In Spanish would be "necesito que alguen me de un "ride" de vuelta a Manhattan". Por ej: si yo vivo en Manhattan pero estoy en New Jersey y no tengo carro, pero necesito que alguien me lleve otra vez a Manhattan, cual de las dos formas esta correcta "I need a ride back to Manhattan" or "I need a ride back from Manhattan". Or is there any other way to express that? Please help me with this. Hope I was clear

P.S: [just in case]...I need the expression in English...from Spanish to English

Thanks a lot in advance!!!!

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    I agree with d'yer mak'er; it's "to".

    "Back from" is like saying "back to my house from". So, in your example, instead of saying, "I need a ride back to Manhattan" you could say, "I need a ride back [home to Manhattan] from New Jersey". I hope that's not confusing... :)