I now declare the toilet open

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    The bed was like a pool table with sheets. And the toilet seat didn’t have a SANITIZED FOR YOUR PROTECTION wrapper on it, denying me my daily ritual of cutting it with my scissors and saying, “I now declare this toilet open.”

    What's daily ritual of cutting it( I thing it refer to the wrapper)?
    What's "I now declare this toilet open"?

    Basically except the bed thing, totally confused by the toilet thing.

    The book is: The Lost Continent by Bill Bryson
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    In some hotels, when the toilets are cleaned after a guest checks out, a paper sign is wrapped around them saying they have been sanitised, to reassure the next guest. This one didn't.

    As for his ritual, that was a joke. He used to amuse himself by cutting the sign off and declaring it open, the way new buildings are formally declared open/functional by holding a ceremony.
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    At some hotels, the toilet of each room is sealed with wrapper/band like this to indicate it has been cleaned and sanitised after the previous guest had checked out. This seal often says "Sanitised for your protection" or something similar.
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    And the statement "I now declare this toilet open" is a humorous reference to a ceremonial ribbon-cutting ceremony, for example, the opening of a new bridge or building.
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    Sometimes, when a new store, or shopping mall, or something, is officially opened - often by a celebrity, or a local dignitary - they will cut a ribbon and say 'I now declare this store/mall/whatever open'. Something like this:



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