I only pretend


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fais not fait, sorry


I am not a good singer, I only pretend.
Je ne chante bien, je ne que fais semblant.

There are certainly many ways to say this. Is "Je ne que fais semblant" one of them? Or, must it be either "Je ne fais que semblant," or "je fais semblant seulment." ?

I think I've seen "ne que" used sequentially with nothing intervening, but even if so, I'm most likely using it incorrectly. Any help explaining if "ne que" always requires a verb in the middle would be appreciated.

Merci d'avance
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    Your verb must follow "ne" : je ne fais que semblant"
    It's a negative form of verb "faire".

    Hope it helps


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    Oops, forgot the "pas"... ne chante pas. Thank you everyone very much. Don't know what I was thinking with the "ne que" without an intervening verb.
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    "Je ne fais que semblant"
    is grammatically correct, but a bit ugly.
    Tenoz est sur la voie... On peut contourner le problème : "Je fais juste semblant".

    "Je ne fais que faire semblant" (ne faire que + infinitif) serait correct, s'il n'y avait pas cette répétition du verbe faire qui est, elle, vraiment vilaine.
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