I plan to in June.


-Will you take your exam?
-I plan to.


-Will you take your exam?
- I plan to in June.

Are both examples grammatical?
Would it be wrong to add adverbs or prepositions after the infinitive marker whitout adding a verb too?

For exmaple : I plan to (take it) in June.
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  • PaulQ

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    If the question is short and with only one verb, you don't have to repeat that verb (or object) in your answer.

    Have you washed the dishes? -> No, but I'm going to wash them in a minute -> No, but I'm going to -> No.:tick:
    Did you lock the door? -> No, I forgot to lock it. -> No, I forgot to. -> No.:tick:
    Will you lock it in future? - Yes, I will do that. -> Yes, I will do -> Yes, I will -> Yes.:tick:
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    The Newt

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    I would ask "Are you going to take your exam?" rather than "Will you...?" Any of the following would be fine:

    I plan to.
    I plan to in June.
    I plan to take it in June.