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I would like to know how can I say that. I know that after prepositions definite articles can't be written, so I assume it would be like this:

Eu cânt la vioară

Also, if I mention several instruments, must I repeat „la”, or could be omitted?:

Tu cânți la vioară, la pian și la flaut.

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    Bună Àskera,

    Eu cânt la vioară is the proper form, here the preposition la introducing a complement circumstanțial instrumental.

    One can omit the additional prepositions in case of an enumeration: Gigel cântă la pian și tobă.


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    Here is another example using a slightly different context:

    Gigel cântă la pian și de vreo săptămână, (cântă și) la tobă.

    If I'm writing I'll use the full form, cântă și la tobă but in a casual conversation I might leave cântă și out.


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    Same enumeration, different link word next to şi:
    Cânt la pian, dar şi la tobe sau (la) chitară.

    It's true what Rodica Zafiu, one of the most distinguished Romanian linguist, said about our language and how tricky this can be to foreigners that want to try to learn it.
    I wouldn't have thought of la in possibly obligatory/non-obligatory presence and find contexts with minor differentiation in meaning...
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