I played unaware of his observation

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"i played unaware of his observation;indeed, i could be seen only from his window,well above mine. i opened the blind
as if for air,and began slowly undressing.then i stood lazily brushing my hair,which displayed me for pedro to good
advantage.i grew wanton with thoughts of my influence on his passions...if his desires were not thoroughly aroused,
it was no fault of mine."

Above is from a comic book named A Night in a Moorish Harem, by Lord George Herbert.

Context: A desperate young woman tries to seduce a young man.

What does "I played unaware of his observation" refer to?

Thank you.
  • entangledbank

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    'Play' here is "pretend to be". This is usually found (with an adjective) in 'play dumb' = "pretend to be stupid". I can't think of any other common use with an adjective, and at first I misread the sentence. I thought it was "I played, and (while I played) I was unaware . . ."
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