I potato you

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eternal love

Recently,when I scrolled through the short videos on Kuaishou,I found a video about 'I potato you'.The issuer of that video explained it's meaning,she said that it was between I like you and I love you.however I'm still not clear about it,for me it is hard to understand .Could you please make it plain to me? Thank you!:)
  • sdgraham

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    USA English
    Apparently, Kuaishou is a Chinese video sharing site.
    You never told us if the video was posted by a native English speaker and because of the source, I have my doubts. ;)


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    British English (Sussex)
    It seems to be a meme, with an image of a potato (sometimes a heart-shaped one) taking the place of the word "love": I (potato image) you.

    Many people love potatoes, especially in the form of french fries, so I think it means I love you (just as I love fried potatoes and potato chips/crisps). How romantic is that?
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