I pray to God to keep you my second dear family & give me a chance...

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    Hola de nuevo. Necesito saber si esta otra oraciön es correcta y que significa exactamente" I pray to God to keep you my second dear family & give me a chance..." Desde ya gracias.
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  2. Raftery

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    The sentence doesn't seem to make sense to me. If I were to interpret it as it is, it would be referring to the second family which is dear to the speaker (as in, another family was dear, or important, to the speaker before this one). For this to make sense, it would have to be as follows:

    "I pray to God to keep you, my second dear family, and to give me a chance..."

    I'd await other responses, though, and if you can clear up the context of the sentence, then maybe we could give you a more definite answer.
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  3. liliana44 Member

    Creo que significa que le pide a Dios que cuide de ellos su segunda querida familia(le está escribiendo a sus primos que viven en otro pais) y que le de la chance de encontrarlos con buena salud. ¿Podría ser esta la traducción?. Gracias.
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    A mí también, creo que eso es lo que significa.
  5. liliana44 Member

    Gracias Raftery por tu ayuda.

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