I presumed it would mean it

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Dear all,
I don't know if my proposal sounds natural to your English ear
I mean that I thought the meaning of this word would be the one you someone proposed but I was not sure of it before.

'I presumed it would mean it'
  • lingobingo

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    English - England
    Out of context, that statement is entirely vague. Someone seeing or hearing it would have no idea what either “it” referred to.

    It’s likely that what you’re trying to say is: That’s what I thought it meant – but I wasn’t sure.

    Lee Ann Sosa

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    English - US
    To presume something is to be sure about it, or to make a logical connection to it, even before the person proposes the idea. For example:

    It is 8:00 a.m.

    A: "Do you want to eat something?"
    B: "I presume you mean breakfast?"
    A: "Yes."

    So, it you really were not sure of the meaning of the word before the other person said anything, you would not say "presume".

    But, if his/her answer confirmed your idea, (the idea you already had in your head) then you could say "presume".
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