I pull it out, flip it over, then spin it rightside up

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To keep the page, I shut the book on my index finger and take it back to my table.
Below the initials, pressed into the crease between the pages, someone stuck an upside-down photograph. I pull it out, flip it over, then spin it rightside up.
It’s Hannah.

(Thirteen Reasons Why; J. Asher)

I'd think that 'an upside-down photograph' would be the one with the upper and the lower parts reversed in position, that is, you can see the picture, albeit turned upside down, as opposed to the back side of the photo. In this case you'd pull it out and spin it rightside up, no more steps needed.

Since it also has a 'flip it over' step, would you be so kind as to tell me how you see what is going on here?

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    I raised a little eyebrow, (or an eyebrow just a little?), because, like you, I had to read it a couple of times before working out what the author meant by 'upside-down'. As I said, I would have described it as 'face down'.
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