"I put it at/in the same place"


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"I put it at/in the same place"

What preposition is correct in this sentece?

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    Hi - I'm pretty sure you need in there - unless others can think of different contexts where "at" would sound OK!


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    I put it in the same place.
    It is a little hard to explain WHY one uses "in" in this case, but "in" is the correct word.


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    You would generally hear 'put' + 'in'.

    "Put it" + "at" is rarely used - maybe when you're sorting something ("Put this cd at the bottom of the pile, I hardly ever listen to it" or "This memo is really important, put it at the top of my in-basket"), or if you're scheduling something ("The lunch meeting is next. Put it at 12:30pm").

    Generally, you can use 'put it in...'

    You can find some more examples here: http://www.thefreedictionary.com/at
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