I ran to reach/get her


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Hello everybody

My wife and I were walking in the street. Then, something in a store grabbed my attention. I stopped to check out that thing. After that, I realized that my wife was getting away from me.She was about 15 meters away from me.
I ran to reach her/get her.

Which one is correct in this context? reach or get?

Thank you.
  • Edinburgher

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    If you ran to get her, this suggests you were going to ask her to go back to the store with you, perhaps because you wanted her to look at what you had seen.
    Reach isn't wrong, but we wouldn't say it. You ran to catch up with her.


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    I agree, you ran to catch up with her.
    I'm not sure what "ran to reach her" implies; maybe you wanted to pull her away from danger.
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