I regret not having studied harder


Hi friends,
Thanks for your reply in advance.
I took a test this morning,I had to read a sentence and write another one by using a word which was given without changing the meaning (use between two to five words ).These are:


2. I'm sorry I didn't study harder for the test.
(regret) I_________________________for the test.

My answers are: <<...>>

2. I regret not having studied harder for the test.

Are my answers right?
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    Have you handed in the test paper yet, or are you planning to correct your answers before you do?


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    The second one is perfect, <<...>>

    @Andyc - I don't think ceviche would've been able to ask this in the middle of a test...
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    I'm looking over some materials in preparation for giving some English lessons. Among other things, I found an exercise around a similar sentence with "I regret," and the answer is given as "not studying" rather than "not having studied." My instinct was to pick "not having studied" but that was not among the choices given. But then now that I think about "not studying," that sounds good too -- as does "I regret not going there," for instance.

    So are both versions fine then?

    Thank you!
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