I repeat or I'll repeat?


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When you repeat something in a telephone conversation such as a phone number, before saying the phone number, do you say I repeat or I'll repeat?


A: Can you give me your phone number?
B: That's 078 897 76 87
A: I repeat / I'll repeat 078 897 76 87
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    I don't usually say anything to preface it. It's obvious what you're doing, if you just read off the numbers immediately.
    If you're asking the question after the conversation has strayed from the telephone number, something like: "I'd like to double-check the phone number you gave me. 078 897 76 87, correct?" will suffice.

    Person B would say, "It's 078 897 76 87."


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    I would say "let me repeat, is it xxx xxx xx xx"

    If you say "I repeat/I'll repeat", to me it sounds robotic. Therefore, using "let me repeat" would make the conversation sounds more casual.


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    Thank you for your answers. They are very helpful.

    However, I'm marking telephone conversations of my students. In terms of grammar, is any of the two sentences (I repeat / I'll repeat) wrong?


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    Both are ok. But I'd prefer to use I'll repeat, it sounds more natural than "I repeat". Actually I would just repeat the phone number, but anyway...
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