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Bonjour à tous:

I am composing an email to request a copy of my French casier judiciare. I am trying to figure out how to best phrase things.

Here, I want to express that, although I'm not French, I lived in France for several years, and now need a copy of the extrait for the benefit of a potential employer. My attempt at the second part of this sentence:

"... j'ai besoin de cet extrait pour vérifier mes antécedents pour un employeur potentiel."

This feels terribly lourd, and I'm sure it's not idiomatically correct. I'm especially unsure about how to express the sense of "for the benefit of..." The two "pours" feel particularly heavy. Any suggestions?

Un grand merci d'avance!
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    Since it's much more common in France for people to be asked for this, I don't think you even need to explain why you need it, but you could say "Un employeur potentiel m'a demandé un extrait de mon casier judiciaire".
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