I rise above it all


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This is an extract from Love finds the way by Barbara Cartland. A new Duke has arrived at the castle. He met a servant. He thought this servant hadn't insist on formalities. So that he tells this servant to call him by his first name. And the servant answer:

“Oh, no, I couldn’t do that, Your Grace. The proprieties must be observed.”
“But you – ”
“Oh, I rise above it all. I think that’s why the sky keeps trying to descend on me.

Would you like to give me the meaning of "I rise above it all" in this case. Thanks.
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    I've found a link and read some of the dialogue before and after that, and I can honestly say that it's tough to tell. I'd have to read more of the context leading up to the conversation. That said, "to rise above it all" usually means something like: Oh, I don't let that stuff get to me. / Oh, I don't get weighed down with such stuff.

    And least that's my understanding. Hope that helps.
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