I said the <rider> was no use to me


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How I met my certain fate by Stewart Lee

And it was there that I met Malcolm Tracey’s young replacement. [...]
A local lad, slotted in, new to the game, hungry, keen.
I offered him a cigarette, but he didn’t smoke.
I said the rider was no use to me, and he packed it away
In his sports bag.
Stewart Lee writes about how he met a new comedian for his duo. He offered him a cigaretter, but he refused. What does rider mean in this context?

Thanks in advance
  • Barque

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    "Rider" can mean an additional or qualifiying statement. I suspect that's the meaning here. We don't have enough context to be sure.

    The Newt

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    It may be a clause giving the artist a percentage of the sale of drinks, or perhaps just free booze. Earlier in the book there's a reference to a "drinks rider."


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    So it's more like what we in standard American English would call a voucher.

    It's probably called a rider because its existence is due to a rider (an additional clause) in the performance contract.

    sound shift

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    I'm in broad agreement with The Newt and kentix. Because the context is performing artists, I think "rider" means:

    a list of specific personal requirements, such as food and drink, included in the contract of a performing artist (Chambers Dictionary) - and the items themselves.
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