I said the truth to one of my friends. I said you should listen to me sometime or som

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I said the truth to one of my friends. I said you should listen to me sometime or sometimes ? What should I use between those two ?

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  • CAMullen

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    Actually, I believe it's more usual to say, "I told the truth" than "I said the truth."

    For your question, though, the one to use depends upon what you mean. In this case, "sometime" would mean "at some time in the future," while "sometimes" would mean "occasionally."


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    Sometimes means 'on certain occasions', 'somewhat frequently, but not always'.
    - I sometimes go swimming on the weekend.
    - Sometimes I forget to take my umbrella.

    Sometime means 'at some point in time'. It's used for a single occasion (where 'sometimes' suggests frequency), and is usually used with a second adverbial expression of time.
    - You need to finish this report sometime in the next few days.
    - She should arrive sometime soon.
    - They're going to buy a house sometime in the near future.
    I think that depends on how many times you want him to listen to you. If you want him to make a habit of listening then the first one is correct. The second alternative means 'One of these days you should, just for once, listen to me'. I say this with some hesitation, since I'm not sure if the American usage is different.


    claude23 said:
    I told the truth to one of my friends. I said "You should listen to me sometime or sometimes?" Which of those two should I use?
    You should say "you should listen to me sometimes".

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