I saw a boy having been bited (bitten) by a dog.

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I saw a boy having been bitten by a dog.

Could I ask? I would like to say this sentence: I saw a boy who had been bited by a dog. Do you think my contruction above is possible to use?

Thank you.
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    I would say: I saw a boy bitten by a dog.

    Let's wait what the experts would say. :)
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    Even if we change "bited" to "bitten," it's very hard to see (in the present) someone's having been bitten - to see them performing the action of being bitten in the past.

    You can see a boy being bitten by a dog, but you can't see a boy having been ​bitten by a dog.


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    In short, no. a) the word is 'bitten', not 'bited'. And b) it sounds like it was you who had been bitten. :confused:

    Why not simply say the sentence you would like to say - 'I saw a boy who had been bitten by a dog'?

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