I seem to have lost my phone.

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  1. zeppo Senior Member

    I seem to have lost my phone. > Me parece que haya perdido la telephono.

  2. Chalon Senior Member

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    Me parece que he perdido el teléfono.

    Although I'd say: "Parece que perdí mi teléfono/celular" or "Parece que se me perdió el teléfono/celular".

  3. zeppo Senior Member

    Thanks. In English, "seems" often indicates a level of doubt or acknowledgement of some uncertainty, so I wasn't sure if it would trigger the subjunctive in Spanish. Though in English, the subject is the same in both clauses, in Spanish it becomes "*it* seems that *I*", so that takes care of the change in subject rule that as a rule is needed for the subjunctive within a direct object clause.
  4. RicardoElAbogado Senior Member

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    American English
    In this case, "it seems" is the same as "I think" and Creo does not normally take the subjunctive (unlike No creo, which normally does)
  5. zeppo Senior Member

    I see your point. Thanks!

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