I shake my fist at you


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Comment dit-on "I shake my fist at you" en francais?

For example, I am standing in front of someone and I am angry. I am shaking my fist in his face and I want to say "I shake my fist at you". The first problem is whether to use the verb "agiter" or "secouer". Secondly, would I use the reflexive pronoun (je me secoue le poing vs je secoue mon poing)? Thirdly, I have trouble translating "at you". Is it "envers toi", "dans ta figure", "devant toi"?

Mes tentatives:

"J'agite mon poing dans ta figure"
"Je me secoue le poing dans ta figure"

Merci d'avance !

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    Houla non ! "Dans ta figure" implique un coup! D'ailleurs, en anglais, je me demande si ça ne devrait pas être "at his face" plutôt que "in his face".

    On pourrait le dire de plusieurs manière, je suppose. Menacer quelqu'un du poing. Jouer du poing devant quelqu'un. Agiter le poing devant quelqu'un. Etc.


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    Actually, in such a case a French would not say I shake my fist at you unless a clear physical menace is intended. Then something more explicit, along tu vas avoir mon poing dans la gueule could be heard.
    If in a book (that is, describing the action), it could be il brandit le poing [devant sa figure].

    Edit - Ou il lui brandit le poing à la figure

    (Verbe brandir)
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    "I shake my fist at you" sounds more than peculiar to my AE ear; it sounds like movie or TV dialogue meant to indicate that the speaker is not a native speaker.
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