I shuttle between city A and city B


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As a verb, is "shuttle" often used like "I shuttle between city A and city B on a regular basis."? <——-Original thread title added to post by moderator (Florentia52)——->

That is my example. I couldn't find many examples like that, maybe more like the bus shuttles...
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    Hello, Curchmouse07. Welcome to the forum.

    "Shuttle between" means go back and forth between, repeatedly.
    If you "shuttle between A and B", you go from A to B to A to B to A to B to...For example,

    The #43 bus shuttles between the airport and the city center.
    Roberta is a film director in Hollywood, but her family lives in Dallas. So she shuttles back and forth

    It is a normal verb for that meaning. If it isn't common, it's just because people don't say that very often.

    It is also used as a noun. Some cities have a bus service called "the airport shuttle". Some airlines have frequent flights between two nearby cities (for example, a flight from Boston to New York every hour) and call those airline flights "the shuttle".