I still love you and I will always love you

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I live in Montreal(Quebec,Canada) my first language is french
Hey everyone!
I don't speak Japanese and umm if it's possible could you please help me to translate ''I still love you and I will always love you'' in Japanese with letters, that would be awsome. (I'm sorry if you don't really understand its because it isn't my first language :S)

Thanks :p
  • tkekte

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    I can try, I barely know any Japanese, but since no one else answers...

    (なまえを) 未だ愛してる, いつまでも愛してるよ。
    ([name]-o) mada aishiteru, itsumademo aishiteru yo.


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    日本語 / japāniski / יפנית
    tkekte, your Japanese is more than "barely" :) .

    The only quibble I have with your sentence is that we usually write まだ for mada.
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