I strive to produce high-quality work

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Spain - Spanish
Hi. I'm trying to translate the following sentence for my CV:

I am highly self-exigent and strive to produce high-quality work, ....

My attempt:

Je suis très exigeante vers moi-même et m'évertue à produire [un] travail de première qualité.

I'm sure this is wrong (at least it sounds like it), so I'd appreciate some help.
For starters, "de première qualité" sounds like I'm talking about food, not my work. I can't discuss the rest of the problems because each has to be in a different thread :D

Feel free to rephrase anything that sounds wrong.
Thanks so much! :)
  • sylber

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    Hi, I would suggest: et je m'évertue à ( ou je m'efforce de) produire un travail de qualité.
    Eliminating 'première' is indeed a good idea. 'De qualité' sounds much more classy.
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