I struggle with words

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  1. baamssy Member

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    ¿Cómo traduciríais "I struggle with words"? Se me ocurre "Me cuestan las palabras". ¿Se os ocurre algo que suene un poco mejor?
  2. not me Senior Member

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    Dependiendo del contexto, «Me cuesta encontrar las palabras adecuadas...»
  3. baamssy Member

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    Gracias, not me. Suena mejor, pero creo que es un poco más general que eso. Amplío contexto:

    "I struggle with words. Never could express myself the way I wanted. My mind fights my mouth, and thoughts get stuck in my throat. Sometimes they stay stuck for seconds or even minutes. Some thoughts stay for years; some have stayed hidden all my life. As a child, I stuttered. What was inside I couldn't get out. I'm still not real fluent. I don't know a lot of good words".

    Pido disculpas por no haberlo incluido en mi primer mensaje.
  4. Coming Round

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    ¿'Me trabo/bloqueo con las palabras'?
  5. baamssy Member

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    Suena bien, gracias!
  6. Circunflejo Senior Member

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    No me salen las palabras.

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