I take it vs I'm taking it (when playing chess)


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Hello, everybody!

Suppose we are playing chess, and we have a situation where I can take, say, a pawn, and we'll have the game developing in one direction, or I can make another move that will make the game develop in another direction. So, thinking twice, I choose to take that pawn. Which would be more appropriate to say:
1) OK, I take it.
2) OK, I'm taking it.
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    If you had to say something (and you don't), then you might say, "OK, I'm taking the pawn" or "OK, I'll take the pawn" or "OK, it's the pawn then." But that's only if your opponent knows that you've been dithering about which piece to take, and it's obvious what your choice is because he or she knows the game.
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