I think I could help with this problem a little bit.


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"Je pense que je pourrais aide avec le problème un peu."

I'm guessing, but is this correct? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

PS The context is this - someone is looking for help with a problem and I am saying that I can provide a small amount of help.

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    Hello Snick57,

    A few suggestions :

    "Je pense que je pourrais aider un peu sur le problème."

    * je pourrais + infinitive
    * "un peu" immediately after the verb sounds better because it directly refers to this verb
    * "aider "sur" un problème" is better (aider avec would not fit) ;"aider avec.." would mean you and someone might help
    (eg.: "Avec Paul, je pourrais aider un peu" (with Paul I could...)

    bye -B.


    English ... Citizen of the World
    Merci beaucoup, Berenice. I am just learning and am still a bit shaky on sentence structure and what order the words should come in. I understand what you are saying, thanks!
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