I think that Charles Bridge is a great example of Gothic architecture.


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Please help me to translate the following sentence into Italian: I think that Charles Bridge is a great example of Gothic architecture.

My attempt: Penso che il Ponte Carlo sia un grande esempio di architettura gotica.

I am not sure about the translation of Charles Bridge into Italian. According my current hypothesis, it is Ponte Carlo. It would be Ponte di Carlo, if it would be built, finished and named during the life of Charles IV., but it was originally called Stone Bridge and it was renamed later to Charles Bridge. Hence Ponte Carlo. Is that correct?

Thank you.
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    Hi! It's not really a rule, but, as I think you already guessed, "Ponte di Carlo" - Carlo being a personal name - would sound more like as if this Carlo was the owner of that bridge, the same way you say "la macchina di Carlo/ il libro di Maria" ecc. The bridge was named after the king, so we say Ponte Carlo the same way we say Mister Carlo, that's just the name. Ponte di Carlo is not wrong, but it could be ambiguous, and it doesn't sound like the proper name for a bridge, because we don't usually call bridges (and streets, and squares) that way in Italian (we say Piazza Mazzini, via Cavour...). Rialto is a place in Venice, saying Ponte di Rialto is just like saying Aeroporto di Praga or Castello di Salisburgo, there's no other way to say that.