I thought she worked in a hospital

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    Can anyone please tell me how to translate the sentence: "I thought she worked in a hospital?"
    I'm a bit unsure as to which tense I should use.
    Pensé/Pensaba que tu marido trabajaba/trabajó en un hospital'

    I think it's the characters in bold, but please correct me if I'm wrong.
    Thank you!
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    Hello Skayderade,
    First of all, if you are talking about "she", it can't be "tu marido" because that means "your husband" but I expect that was only a typing mistake.
    Back to your main question: I think the most likely phrase is with Pensaba and trabajaba = I thought until now/until I was corrected that your husband worked (= was working during the time I believed this) at a hospital.
    However, if I only had a passing thought at a particular moment, I think Pensé would be acceptable.
    And if your husband had stopped working by the time I had that thought, maybe trabajó would also make sense.
    But please wait for some expert opinions.
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    In this case, both are corrects but with different mean.
    "Pensé que ella trabajó en un hospital" In a specific moment I thought that she worked... ( but she leaves do it).
    "Pensaba que ella trabajaba en un hospital" I thought until this moment that she worked ... (but I didn't know that it's not true).
    A curiosity of the languages​​, the two sentences have the same English translation.
    Please correct me if I've made mistakes. Thanks.
    Kisses for all.
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    Thank you so much.
    Kisses kisses.
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    To translate "I thought", ask yourself which of these two meanings you want:
    1) I was operating under the unconscious assumption... (Yo pensaba...).
    2) The thought occurred to me... (Pensé...).

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