I thought that we were perfect together

Discussion in '한국어 (Korean)' started by mooj96, Apr 13, 2013.

  1. mooj96 Senior Member

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    I'm a beginner in Korean, and I'm trying to translate that sentence (I thought we were perfect together) which is a (love-ish) song lyric (into 반말). "Perfect together" as in a perfect couple, to give some context.

    I came up with the following:

    내가 우리는 함께 완전한 나봤어.

    Does it make sense and do I need to change anything to make it sound more natural?
  2. Rainnana Member

    South Korea
    I don't think it makes sense. I think 나는 우리가 완전히 어울리는 줄 알았어 is more natural. Though I actually don't know what "I thought we were perfect together" mean.. Is it like "I thought we were perfect to each other"??
  3. alohaoe Member

    우리가 완벽한 줄 알았어.
    우리가 완벽한 한 쌍이라고 생각했어/여겼어.
    우리가 완전히 어울리는 줄 알았어.
    우리가 완전히 어울리는 한 쌍이라 생각했어/여겼어.
    우리가 천생연분이라고 생각했어.

    내가 우리는 함께 완전한 나봤어. -> doesn't make sense.

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