I told her what my own share () in his injury

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The narrator recalls his adolescence.
Peggotty, the narator's old nurse's niece Em'ly fled with the narrator's best friend Steerforth to somewhere on the day when Peggotty's husband's funeral was held , leaving her fiance, her cousin Ham.
Mr. Peggotty, Peggoty's elder brother came to London with the narrator to seek for his niece the day after next.
Mr. Peggotty tells him to arrange for him to meet Steerforth' mother.

As I felt bound to assist him in this, and also to mediate between them; with the view of sparing the mother's feelings as much as possible, I wrote to her that night. I told her as mildly as I could what his wrong was, and what my own share in his injury. I said he was a man in very common life, but of a most gentle and upright character; and that I ventured to express a hope that she would not refuse to see him in his heavy trouble.
[David Copperfield by Charles Dickens]
I'd like to know if "is" is omitted after "own share."
Thank you in advance for your help.
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