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Discussion in 'Русский (Russian)' started by lindabohemian, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. lindabohemian New Member

    How would one say, "This is the video I told you about"?

    Это видео, о котором я тебя сказала.

    I would appreciate any help.

  2. rusita preciosa

    rusita preciosa Modus forendi

    USA (Φιλαδέλφεια)
    Russian (Moscow)
    Это видео, о котором я тебe (dat.) говорила.

    я тебе сказалa о видео does not work in Russian.
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  3. Syline Senior Member

    You can add "то" before "видео".
    Это то видео, о котором я тебе говорила.
  4. estreets Senior Member

    Or you can use the verb рассказывать
    Это то видео, о котором я тебе рассказывала
  5. Explorer41 Senior Member

    Your variant is also correct, except for the case of the word "ты" (it should be Dative, "тебе"). You may use it if you need the perfective meaning (you rarely need it here, but still...). Here the meaning of the word "сказала" would be more like "упомянула".
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  6. lindabohemian New Member

    Thank you all very much. I noticed, after a while with my thinking cap on, that тебя should have been тебе.

    большое спасибо!!!
  7. PERSEE Senior Member

    French, France
    "With my thinking cap on" : did you just make it up or is it a common expression?
    Either way, it's just great!!
  8. morzh

    morzh Banned

    It is a common expression in English.
    Used when someone needs to do some serious thinking about a subject.
  9. PERSEE Senior Member

    French, France
    Yes, I went through my English-French dictionary a bit too fast. Actually, the phrase is there, and they don't say it is especially American or British, it's just plain standard English. Very nice, though, I had neither heard it or read it before.

    We also have caps in French ("casquettes"), but they only refer to trades or jobs. One can say colloquially that a person has various "casquettes", meaning he has more than one function or responsibility inside his job. We even have the funny "multi-casquettes"...
  10. morzh

    morzh Banned

    We in American English (don't know British well) also have the same: "hats" mean "role/function".

    "He is wearing his managing hat today" - meaning he has more than just managing job to do, but today he is concentrating on it.

    "To wear more than one hat" - to have multiple responsibilities.
    "We in our team have to wear many hats - each one of us does many things in order for us to be successful".

    "I wear many hats in my life: I am a father, I am an engineer, I coach a football team and I am a freelance reporter for the local newspaper".

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