I took the TGV.

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    Hello, britneyM, and welcome to the forum!

    Without any other context I would say, "I've taken the TGV a few times" or "I have taken the TGV a few times."

    The first of your sentences is correct as it is.
    The second one is missing "a", which makes it incorrect.


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    Hello, JamesM

    Thank you for your quick and detailed reply.
    Your explanation is so easy for such a beginner like me.
    I'd like to thank you again.


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    Are the following sentences correct?

    I took the TGV a few times.
    I took the TGV few times.
    Welcome to the forum, britneyM.

    The sentence without "a" is possible but not likely to be heard. It means "I hardly took the TGV more than once", for example, to deny that I took it a significant number of times.


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    One detail that may make a difference, depending on what you want to say...

    "I've taken the TGV a few times" would apply if you were speaking of your life-long use of TGV.
    "I took the TGV a few times" would apply to a few rides during the same trip or vacation.

    Hope this doesn't complicate things needlessly!


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    Hello, Farero

    Thank you very much for your interesting reply.
    I'm so happy to know the sentence without "a" is a subtle problem. I think you mean it's logically correct but nobody uses, in other words it's awkward or wrong.

    I'll avoid using it, as you suggest.
    Thank you.


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    Hi, camaysar

    Thank you for your kind reply.
    I understand well what you say. I didn't list the 'have took' sentence to avoid making the question complicated. I thought simpler sentences are clearer.

    Thank you.
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