I turn and jog in place.

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Couch Tomato

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I go past the high school, down Collings Avenue to the Black Horse Pike, make a left and then another left into Oaklyn, run down Kendall Boulevard to the Oaklyn Public School, up past the Manor Bar to the White Horse Pike, make a right and then a left onto Cuthbert, and I run into Westmont. When I get to the Crystal Lake Diner, I turn and jog in place. Tiffany jogs in place and stares at her feet.
(The Silver Linings Playbook - Matthew Quick)

What does "in place" mean? Does it mean "instead"? So he was running and now he's jogging. However, this meaning doesn't make sense in the next sentence.

Thank you in advance.
  • lucas-sp

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    "To jog in place" means to perform the same movements as jogging but without moving forward. People who are out for a run do this, for instance, at a red light, or when they have to stop for some other reason but want to stay warmed up.
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