I understand what it means

Discussion in 'Türkçe (Turkish)' started by FlyingBird, Nov 20, 2013.

  1. FlyingBird Senior Member

    Türkçe'de 'i understand what it mean' nasıl söylerdiniz? :)

    Şimdiden çok teşekkürler
  2. Black4blue

    Black4blue Senior Member

    (Onun) ne anlama geldiğini anladım.
  3. 4scom New Member

    Onun ne manaya geldiğini anlıyorum.
  4. FlyingBird Senior Member

    Cümlenizi açıklayabilir misiniz biraz lütfen?

    manaya ve anlama ne demektir?

    neden 'onun geldiğini'?

    Kafam çok karışık şimdi :confused:
  5. 4scom New Member

    I understand what it means
    Onun ne manaya geldiğini anlıyorum.

    Anlam/mana: meaning
    anlamına/manasına gelmek: to mean
    Örneğin:"Paranoyak olman, takip edilmediğin manasına gelmez"
    ("Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they're not after you") :)

    But in this case you can't say "Onun ne manasına/anlamına geldiğini anlıyorum" :cross:
    because you have to have a word before it. Like this " Onun manası, şunun anlamı." :tick: (the meaning of that, the meaning of this etc.)
    and with "ne" it should look like this. "Bu kelime ne anlama geliyor?" :tick: (what does this word mean?)
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  6. sufler Senior Member

    Polish - Poland
    In colloquial language, can you say Bu ne demek anlıyorum​?
  7. FlyingBird Senior Member

    Böyle söylemek mümkün değil, bence.
  8. sufler Senior Member

    Polish - Poland
    Hm.. I don't think it's so unlikely. It's like two separate, short sentences.
    For example, once I saw a Turkish funny picture where a guy was standing in front of a machine with a hole to instert coins, and it said:
    Ne kadar aptalsın test et

    Why not "Ne kadar aptal olduğunu test et"?
    It's exactly as if I said Bu ne demek anlıyorum​.
    But I may be wrong of course.. let's wait for our experts:)
  9. FlyingBird Senior Member

    Haydi bakalım ozaman :)
  10. namik80 Member

    It must be; "ne kadar aptalsın, test et!"
    "Ne kadar aptal olduğunu test et!"

    without "," that sentence is wrong.
  11. FlyingBird Senior Member

    Evet ben de aynı düşündüm ama emin değildim.Teşekkürler :)
  12. Gemmenita

    Gemmenita Senior Member

    If you use "biliyorum" instead of "anlıyorum" and then doing some little changes, would be better:

    Bunun ne demek olduğunu biliyorum. :)
  13. Rallino Moderatoúrkos

    Bu ne demek, anlıyorum. / Bu ne demek, anlıyorsun değil mi? are indeed possible utterances in the spoken vernacular. To be avoided in written contexts, though.
  14. sufler Senior Member

    Polish - Poland
    Yet I have noticed many people write like this, especially on chats :D
  15. Rallino Moderatoúrkos

    I think that chats can be considered as the spoken language. :)
    When I said written contexts, I meant more formal things.
  16. Muttaki

    Muttaki Senior Member

    I think "Bu ne demek anlıyorum" is gramatically a perfect sentence. I don't think it can't be used in written language. It just depends on the way you would like to write. I am sure many examples similar to this sentence can be seen in the books if looked, not only of literature but of any kind.
  17. Gemmenita

    Gemmenita Senior Member

    Agree with Rallino and Muttaki, too. As a matter of fact, the "comma" of Rallino helped a lot.:thumbsup: (Bu ne demek , anlıyorum)

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