i vari "ismi" delle avanguardie storiche


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Can anyone explain what vari means?

In queste sedute di intenso lavoro si stanno accumulando i referti circa i possibili agganci tra il grande continente Pirandello e i vari "ismi" delle avanguardie storiche.

My attempt:

In this conference of intense work they are gathering the reports about the possible connections between the big continent Pirandello and the various “ismi” of avant-guard history.


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    I was struck by the obscurity of meaning in this sentence. I've come up with this as a translation, but I really have no idea what it means. Perhaps it means more in context. Anyway, here goes:

    "Reports about possible links between the great Pirandello continent and the various "isms" of the avant-gardes of history are being gathered in these intense work sessions."


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    I have come across the same catch Phrase "avanguardie storiche".

    Fact is (I think!) they're talking about a very general "being" artistically avant-garde.

    Here's the original (scary) sentence:

    Il mosaico, oggi, probabilmente ha a che fare con un rinnovato interesse per l’industria artistica, o quanto meno con quell’evoluzione del concetto di artigianato che si è registrato all’indomani della crisi introdotta all’interno del concetto di decorazione negli anni Ottanta del secolo XIX prima, e dalle avanguardie storiche dei primi due decenni del secolo XX poi e di cui il movimento razionalista (quello per intenderci del Bauhaus di Walter Gropius) ha cercato di chiarire i contenuti e le possibili risoluzioni.

    Here's my translation so far:
    Mosaic art, today, probably has to do with a renewed interest for the artistic industry, or at least for the conceptual evolution of handicraft that took place right after the crisis, displayed within the concept of decoration in the 80s of the XIX century, and the historical avant-gardeness of the first two decades of the XX century, and of which the rationalism movement (Walter Gropius' Bauhaus to be clear) tried to clarify the contents and possible resolutions.

    I'm not sure that "avant-gardes of history" works too well, with this context. But I don't think "avant-gardness" works either. There are other terms for "avant-gard" in English... "unconventional", "radical", "revolutionary", "innovative"... the list goes on, but I don't know what's best to use or if I should even try to substitute.

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