I' ve lost my comb



I'd like to know if ' to lose one's comb' is an idiom/expression in English. My student asked me about this expression, but he couldnt remember its context. I have tried to find the meaning of this expression from the Internet and some dictionaries, but I have not been successful.

Have you had any idea about this expression?

Thank you.
  • suzi br

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    There must be some people out there who sit around making things up for Urban Dictionary and then watching to see if their neologisms take off.

    Or they are recording tiny segments of language use that they, and three of their mates, use but with are just a tiny little sociolect, not used by anyone else!

    As for your student, I would advise him that this is not a familiar idiom and even if the urban dictionary is right it is nothing that he will be able to use!


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    Having no context at all, I'm wondering why you believe it doesn't mean "I have misplaced my hair grooming implement."
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