I<'ve noticed> that the bulb <has burned> out

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Hello to all,

Thanks for reading my post.


I'm director of AAA. While passing through the corridor that leads to my office, I notice that the lights are off there. I come up to one of my subordinates and say the sentence below.

Sample sentence:

I've noticed that the bulb has burned out in the corridor. Could you please get someone to replace it? Thanks.


Do the tenses in bold work in the sample sentence?

Thanks a lot for any comments, corrections or suggestions!


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    I would use simple past first - I noticed. Had you passed by it a few times and it was on your mind then I've noticed would fit.
    Has burned out is good. Over the past certain amount of time it has burned out. Simple past also works for the second verb.
    I noticed a moment ago that the light burned out some time today.
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