I very much appreciated it

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  1. tlink New Member

    I am teaching esl and I often come across this

    very much ......
    e.i. I very much appreciated it,

    as I read it :very is an intensifier, much is an adjective, and the past participle is appreciated.

    My problem is I think it better to say I appreciated it very much, or it was much appreciated.

    This is not an argument over the use of very versus much but rather the two together

    any help would be very much appreciated (haha)
  2. spodulike

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    I see "very much" as adverbial. So I believe the argument comes down to whether or not you approve of the phrase "I greatly appreciate it"
  3. sabretoof

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    "Much" is an adverb here, though it can function as both, there is no noun to go with it here.

    All of these sound fine, the two adverbial positions give a slightly different feeling, but I can't identify exactly what that feeling is.
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