I want a small or big photo on the sheet of paper.

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I printed out a photo on a size A4 paper this morning.
As you know, you can change the size of the photo before you print it out.
Imagine before printing out the photo, someone asks me "what size of your photo do you want?"
I say "I want a small or big photo on the sheet of paper."
So in this context, are the adjective's highlighted in blue being used correctly here?
  • TimLA

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    I think those are fine.
    You could also use small or large.
    If you only have two choices for size, then those adjectives would be fine.
    If you had multiple choices for size, then being more specific might be better.

    I need an 8x10.
    I'd like two 5x7s on the page
    I'd like four 3x4x on the page


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    :confused: It seems to me that you didn't answer your friend's question.
    In asking "what size", he/she wants to know whether you want it large, or small. The questioner expects only one of these words, not both.
    Are you asking about "big/little" on one hand and "large/small" on the other? I think I would be more likely to describe a photo as "large" than as "big".
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