I want to be brown / suntanned.

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Can we use 'brown' here as a synonym of suntanned or doe sit sound awkward?

When I was given some suncream I said politely: No, thanks. I want to be brown / suntanned.
  • PaulQ

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    It is possible to say "I want to be brown / suntanned" but (at least in BE) commoner to say "I want to tan" or "I want to get a tan".


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    I use "get" also (like #3). "brown" sounds okay.

    No, I want to get brown. (#3).
    No, I want to get some sun.
    No, I want to get (a) tan. (#2)

    I personally wouldn't use "suntanned", maybe only because it's a long word. ;)
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    For some reason, it sounds a little unusual to talk about brown in relation to yourself (whereas 'she looks very brown' sounds normal). If I had to use it, then 'get brown' suggested by Copy and perp sound right to me. People might say, 'I want to get a bit of colour' though, or more explicitly, 'I want to get a tan' (as suggested by Paul).
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