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    Hello everybody!

    My question is about the use of perf/imperfective verbs in the infinitive. While the difference btw the two in the past and present tenses is clear to me, I don't understand how to use either form in the infinitive. As an example, let us take a simple sentence like

    I want to help you

    Why would one use помогать instead of помочь here or the opposite ?

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    Hello gentilhome, welcome to the forum.
    Please edit your post (click on "edit post" down below the post) to use Cyrillic for your examples.
    You can use this info to see how to do that.

    Also, please read the forum rules. You need to open separate threads for different questions.

    Take a klook at these threads on perfective-imperfective, you may find some useful info there:
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    Hello and welcome to the Russian Forum.

    First of all, let me give you a link to one of the transliterators, that can help you typing in Russian when you do not have access to the Russian keyboard or layout.
    Writing in Cyrillic is much better here as it helps to avoid any kind of misunderstanding.

    As for your question, the difference between Perfect and Imperfect Infinitives is the same like in any other Tense. For example, Разреши мне помогать тебе means the continious or action iterative action - help from time to time or during the whole semester. And Разреши мне помочь тебе means a single action - to help now or one time.
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    Girona Espagne
    Thank you, this info is very useful.

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