I want to sign up for the swimming lessons this summer.

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I am studying the verb "sign up" versus "enroll", and I am struggling a little. I was wondering this:

"I want to sign up for the swimming lessons this summer." . ¿Could I use "enroll in/on/for" ?. I have just read that "enroll in" is BrE, whereas "Enroll for/on" is AmE.

Thanks in advance! :)
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    You could say "I want to enrol for (the) swimming lessons this summer"

    (Use "the" only if you are talking about specific swiming lessons, rather than swimming lessons in general)

    I don't know if what you say about BrE and AmE is true, but personally, I would use "sign up for" a lot more often than "enrol for".

    PS. Happy Feria! :D
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    So, they are perfectly interchangeable in this context? , well I would say so from your great explanation.

    Thanks a lot Tegs! (and thanks for the tip about "the").

    P.S: Happy Feria? How do you know?!! hehe . Thanks!


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    British English
    "I want to sign up for swimming lessons this summer."
    --- This works well. 'sign up for' sounds less formal than 'enrol'. 'Enrol' would be more appropriate in you were joining a university.
    In the above, I dropped 'the' because I just meant some/any swimming lessons somewhere.

    If I had some certain lessons in mind I might include 'the'.
    "I see you have yoga on Tuesdays, swimming on Wednesdays, and French lessons on Thursdays. I want to sign up for the swimming lessons (i.e. the specific ones that the centre offers) this summer."

    In British English, someone would usually enrol on a course, or enrol at an institution such as a college/university, or enrol in a subject, or enrol as a student (or other capacity).

    Sometimes, we use 'enrol' without a preposition. e.g. John has gone to Birmingham University today to enrol. Mary enrolled yesterday.

    In American English, the spelling is 'enroll' and I'll leave others to advise on 'in' and 'on' etc.


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    Wow! , this explanation of yours is impressive and really, really helpful. :)

    I really appreciate Linkway, it´s been very kind of you.!
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