(I ?) want to still do you

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  1. la_tiote New Member

    Traduction de cette expression please ?
    (I ?) want to still do you
    Merci !
  2. WordRef1 Senior Member

    California, USA
    English - America
    Il faut plus de contexte. "I want to do you" pourrait vouloir dire "Je veux avoir des rapports sexuels avec tu."
    Mais, bien moins formel.
  3. Jack-the-hat Senior Member

    English - British
    I still want to do you would be more natural, in a grammatical sense!
  4. hampton.mc

    hampton.mc Senior Member

    We need more context but without it I would say:
    ça ne change rien, je veux toujours te saut**
  5. Momerath Senior Member

    British English
    Is the punctuation right? Perhaps you mean

    I still want to. Do you?
  6. WordRef1 Senior Member

    California, USA
    English - America
    ha ha :) And that means something completely different.
  7. la_tiote New Member

    Thank you everybody !
    There is no punctuation in the message but in the context it could be the first meanings I've read... Although I'd prefer the last one ;-)
    Bye !

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