I want to swim your silk black skin to the floor

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Victor Anatol Lionheart

Russian - St Petersburg
Hello, dear friends!

It's a line from the unusual song called "Alvar" by Goldfrapp.

I want to swim your silk black skin to the floor

On lava moons a song of hooves playing loud

I love English. English is amasing. Take a look at this above.

What does the singer mean? What does she want to do with the silk black skin?
Does she really want to make it swim right to the bottom of the sea( If "floor" as the bottom of the sea)
I can't understand. And lava moons, this lava from volcano?

Could you explain this to me, please?

Thank you in advance
  • fiercediva

    Senior Member
    American English
    These are poetic, impressionistic lines that are not meant to be analyzed literally.

    I refer you to this interview with Alison where she mentions her inspiration for the lyrics:

    Q: What’s the overarching story this album tells, if any?
    AG: ...They’re little moments in time focusing on these different characters -- they’re women apart from “Alvar” and “Clay.”

    AG: “Alvar” was inspired by a trip to Iceland and my obsession with water and myths and legends of Philomena Lee. I read a lot of noir books and I’m a huge fan of European cinema — all these things fed into the narrative of the music and also the narrative of the lyrics.
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