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Discussion in 'Italian-English' started by Chance, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. Chance New Member

    USA, Texas , English
    as in a man wanting a woman passionately
  2. rom_itn

    rom_itn Senior Member

    Sri Lanka - Sinhalese
    Ti voglio
    Ho bisogno di te
  3. Anna Più

    Anna Più Senior Member

    Catalonia, Catalan
    Hi Chance,
    I'll said
    (Io) ti voglio
    This is the translation, but Iitalian foreros can tell us other ways to say it.
    Regards from Catalonia,

    upss... già risposto!
  4. shamblesuk

    shamblesuk Senior Member

    England, English
    'Ti voglio bene' e più appassionato, non è vero?
  5. radiation woman

    radiation woman Senior Member

    Wales English
    "Ti voglio bene" means "I love you" rather than "I want you". It's less strong than "Ti amo" but would still be translated by "I love you in English".

    I wonder where all the native speakers are...they all seem to be doing other things today! I've just remembered that today is a holiday in Italy so they're probably all at the beach if the weather's still good there!
  6. ThePatriot New Member

    Sicily - Italian
    while you may say "ti voglio bene" to your relatives, "ti voglio" has definetly a sexual meaning so I'd be careful to use it :eek:
  7. You little ripper! Senior Member

    Australian English
    You asked for your English to be corrected but that part of your message has disappeared. Anyway, I would say "'ti voglio' has a definite sexual meaning so I would be careful with its use"

    I wish my Italian was as good as your English.:)
  8. ThePatriot New Member

    Sicily - Italian
    That is my signature, I think it should be visible now. Thanks for your corrections.

  9. Andre Balian

    Andre Balian Senior Member

    English, uSA
    I'll correct Anna's instead. ;)

    I'll say - (I will say) Dirò
    I'd say - (I would say) Direi
    I say - Dico

    I'll said = I will said = Dicevò (o qualcosa) :p Future and past at the same time!

    PS - How about "ti voglio tanto", to really get the message across. ;)
  10. uinni

    uinni Senior Member

    Italy, Italian
    Being Italians Roman Catholic, today they are all (well, not all ;) ) in cemeteries, rather than at the beach...


  11. ElaineG

    ElaineG Senior Member

    Brooklyn NY
    I think I'd say "at cemeteries," "in cemeteries" suggests that they are all "buried in cemeteries" (which I sincerely hope they/you are not!) :)

    Back to the original question: I want you ... as in a man wanting a woman passionately:

    My siciliano ex would murmur "Ho una gran voglia di te...," which got the point across. This is very overtly sexual though, so don't use it unless you mean it! "Ti voglio" works well too.
  12. uinni

    uinni Senior Member

    Italy, Italian
    Thank you ElaineG. Actually I was quite torn about using "at" or "in" but finally it dropped the former because the cemetery (in Italy) is always a boundary delimited place -and was taught that such locations should require the usage of "in"...

    In my opinion, "Ho una gran voglia di te" sounds a lot more sex-only driven desire than "ti voglio".
    Any way "ti voglio", as already recalled, has to be used in contexts where the (two) partners can actually sense each other apparent sexual attraction.

  13. amore miA New Member

    manchester, England
    england, english
    If you want to use 'Ti voglio bene' but with more... affection(?) maybe 'Ti voglio un mondo di bene' would do???
    My sicilian boyfriend always says it to me as a change to jus 'Ti voglio bene' .:D
  14. uinni

    uinni Senior Member

    Italy, Italian
    Ti voglio bene is sometimes used to express "ti amo" but the former can be subject to misunderstandings because it can either mean "care of s.o" or "love s.o".
    When one says "ti voglio un mondo di bene" the sentence is certainly bent towards "ti amo".

  15. Anna Più

    Anna Più Senior Member

    Catalonia, Catalan
    Hi Andre,
    I have done a very bad pudding...:( Thanks a lot!:thumbsup:

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