I wanted to watch it for so long

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  1. JapanForever Senior Member

    Hi there,
    Can anyone help me to translate this sentence in Japanese, please ? It's an answer for a comment.
    "Thanks you! I wanted to watch it for so long! I saw battles in the original, but not in this one. I would like to watch the apostles's battle (and their deaths) the battle in リゼット story and 美鈴 story."
    Thanks for your answers
  2. Schokolade

    Schokolade Senior Member

    So you want to watch 「使徒のバトル (and 死ぬ場面 too)」, 「リゼットストーリーのバトル」 and 「美鈴のストーリーのバトル」?
  3. JapanForever Senior Member

    Yes, it's the answer that I would like to give to a precedent comment.
  4. Schokolade

    Schokolade Senior Member

    Alright then, I'd say:
    「ありがとうございます!ずっと、見たかったんです!オリジナルのバトルは見たのですが、ここのバトルは見たことがありません。使徒のバトル (と、死ぬ場面もなんですが)、リゼットストーリーのバトルと、それから、 美鈴のストーリーのバトルが見たいと思っているんです。」
  5. JapanForever Senior Member

    Thanks for your help, Schokolade.

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